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Skin tightening with laser

Experience a younger you!

This minimally invasive and gentle Quatro or InnerLift treatment reduces skin wrinkles and tightens at the same time through long-term collagen stimulation. This pleasant treatment method can be applied to almost all skin types and is possible without further local anesthesia.

Straffung der Haut mit Laser

Typical immediate side effects to be expected include a slight whitening of the lasered area within the first 20 minutes of therapy, but this will resolve within 20 minutes.

Clarity laser treatment is a recognized, low-complication, tissue-preserving method with few risks. Results appear delayed after 4-6 months, after the collagen synthesis has started.

Medical Laser Clarity Alexandrit/ND:YAG
Medical Laser Clarity Alexandrit/ND:YAG