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Skin refreshment with Jett Peel / Hydrafresh

As natural as air and water - specific supply of active substances.

JettPeel refreshes your skin in an instant. The innovative system uses technology from the aerospace industry. At 200 m/s (720 h/km), a water-gas mixture from microscopically small nozzles hits the skin and gently removes dead horny cells.

Skin refreshment with Jett Peel / Hydrafresh

The skin is massaged and deeply cleansed at the same time, while the cooling effect stimulates the circulation. Highly effective substances such as non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid, bio-peptides and vitamins etc. are then introduced into the now very receptive skin.

The treatment is touch-free, needle-free and deeply effective, and the result is immediately visible: the skin looks significantly fresher and younger. The treatment is very suitable as a complementary refreshment and cleansing of the skin, also for quick results for an event planned in the evening!