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EMS - Facial Muscle Strengthening

With the help of an EMS treatment, the facial muscles will be strengthened, making them look stronger. In addition, EMS has the effect of lifting the facial contours.

EMS treatment also has a positive effect on the microcirculation, which is stimulated. Muscles in the face that may be tense and flabby can be relaxed and strengthened. Thanks to an EMS treatment, lasting results can be achieved quickly, which can be seen after several treatments.

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During EMS treatment, impulses are sent through the skin, stimulating the nerves in the area of the face to be worked on. Nerves located under the skin are consequently stimulated and the muscle areas are contracted in a gentle way. Since the muscles cannot define the starting point of the impulse, they react to the stimulus as usual. This is a very simple and effective way to train the muscles.

The stimulated microcirculation also boosts the lymphatic drainage. The application can be used for the face as well as for the neck and décolleté.

This kind of treatment can also be helpful for migraine and tension headaches.