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Hyaluron (Filler)

As a corporeal substance, hyaluron is an important component of the connective tissue and due to its high water binding capacity plays a decisive role in the appearance of the skin. However, with increasing age, the hyaluronic acid content and the natural fat pads on the face (for example, in the middle face) are reduced. The result is that the skin loses its tightness and volume, resulting in lines and wrinkles.

The state of the art today makes it possible to produce stabilized, nonanimal hyaluronic acid. The crystalline gel resembles the hyaluronic acid present in the human body and is therefore low in allergy and very well tolerated. The gel is evenly removed and disappears completely from the body.

By injecting Hyaluron, the skin regains its volume. Their elasticity is improved, interfering lines are immediately visibly smoothed and the facial contours are tightened.

Wrinkle treatment, Eye Circles, Face contouring, Enhancement of the lips or voluminizing, Liquid Facelift,
Tightening of neck & neckline, Rejuvenation of hands, Treatment of Scars